Elastic search upgrade from 7.14.2 to 8.0 or near to that

Hi Team,

I need to upgrade Elasticsearch from 7.14.2 which I see in stack management to 8.0 or near to that version I am also using heartbeat, metricbeat & logstash as well on the on few of the servers to collect data/logs the version of them also might be 7.XX something

Can someone please guide me how it has to be done. I am using enterprise version of Elasticsearch.

Is there any step by step way to do it a tutorial would be helpful

Hi anyone who can help?


Doesn't that help?

Before you can upgrade to 8.0 you need to upgrade to 7.17. Then you can use the upgrade assistant in Kibana


Hi Matw.

I am new to elastic hence I asked if there is any simple guide I can follow. I did see those links you provided but that does not guide how it has to be done.

only its mentioned before upgrading to 8.0 need to upgrade it to 7.17 but how?

If there is something some video or documentation that can help. Please share


How to upgrade? It depends, how did you install Elasticsearch?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this please.

Hi Warkolm,

The version I am using is a elastic cloud subscription based. I am not sure what else its called. Elasticsearch is not installed on any local servers, only logstash & beats are installed on local servers to get data or filter it

I think the nodes or cluster that it is called is maintained by elastic. So when I log into elastic cloud & go to stack management I can see the version as 7.14.2

On elastic official site they have just mentioned to upgrade to 8.0 the base version needs to be 7.17 but how it to do it they don't have anything on that

Please let me know if you know anything about it or any step by step guide is there to upgrade it from 7.14.2 to 7.17 before it can be updated to 8.0


Ok, you're using our Elasticsearch Service!

I would suggest reaching out to our Support team, as you are entitled to that.

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