Upgrading Elastic Stack from 7.7.0 to 7.17.6

Hello. It has been over 2 years since I last installed the Elastic stack locally in our environment (Kibana, Elasticsearch, Logstash, FileBeat). The version we are on right now is 7.7.0 for all products. I'm not sure I'm ready to make the jump to 8.x yet, but I would like to jump to the final v7.x version which appears to be 7.17.6. Looking around a bit, I came across this starting page for a similar upgrade:

Since I haven't attempted an upgrade yet, I would like to find out from the community here if there are any major tasks or issues I need to be aware of jumping between these versions? Any incompatibilities I need to be aware of or things needing to be done in a particular order? Ideally, I'd like to take all products up to the same version - ideally not all at the same time if I can avoid it. We only use the stack for log aggregation, so I don't have to worry about short outages.


Check this page of the documentation.

From 7.7 to 7.17.6 you can do a rolling upgrade.

I recommend that you read the release notes and breaking changes for every release since 7.7.0 til 7.17.6 to see if there is anything that could impact your usage.

Thank you for the information. I noticed that the instructions are mentioning to upgrade in this order (for what I use):

1 - Elasticsearch
2 - Kibana
3 - Logstash
4 - Beats

I see a comment about "Beats and Logstash 6.7 are compatible with Elasticsearch 7.17.6 to give you flexibility in scheduling the upgrade". I'm on v7.7.0 of everything. Can I update each of these 1 at a time and then test against the rest of the configuration? Or would I need to update both Elasticsearch and Kibana at the same time, test everything (new Elastic/Kibana against old Logstash/Beats), and then do Logstash and Beats secondarily?


Support Matrix | Elastic has the definitive answer on that.

You need to upgrade Elasticsearch and Kibana at the same time.

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