Elastic Stack upgradation from 7.13.4 to 7.16.2

We are planning to update elastic stack which contains, Elasticsearch cluster, Logstash, Kibana & Elasticsearch Monitoring cluster. We are not using any beats to ship data to logstash. Data to monitoring cluster is shipped through metric beats. All agents are running on version 7.13.4 and planning to update it to 17.16.2

  1. What is the order in which elastic stack has to be updated?

  2. Are there any open issues/ challenges while upgrading stack from 7.13.4 to 17.16.2

  3. If we update only Elasticsearch & Logstash in the stack will there be any compatibility issues

  4. What is best way to update all the components mentioned above (RPM package)

  5. Will there be any issues with the existing SSL/TLS certificates if upgrade is done I.e will certificates get expired.

  6. Will there be any changes made to configuration files if stack is updated from 7.13.4 to 17.16.2

PLeaser see Upgrading the Elastic Stack | Installation and Upgrade Guide [7.16] | Elastic

Thanks @warkolm

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