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We're currently running pre 5.x versions of the elastic stack and want to upgrade to the latest pre 5.x versions and wanted to make sure I've got the right versions to upgrade to. Here's what we're currently running and what I believe I want to upgrade to:

elasticsearch 2.4.1 -> 2.4.5
kibana 4.6.1 -> 4.6.4
logstash 2.4.0 -> 2.4.1
filebeat 1.3.1 -> no change

I'm also using nagioscheckbeat which is 5.0.0-alpha5 which is coming from the 0.6.0 release.

Yes I should upgrade to 5.5 and that's in the plan but not right now...


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Are you after some advice?

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Yes :slight_smile: I'm looking for the set of versions that are the latest that will play nice with the latest version 2.x version of elasticsearch. Yes, I eventually plan to upgrade to 5.5.x or whatever is latest at that time but not looking to do that work now.

A bit more background. I'm using the elastic stack for monitoring only - both logs and server metrics. I also need to "productionize" the architecture - I currently have just two nodes running elasticsearch. One of those is also running logstash (which is configured to talk to both) AND kibana. We're also running on that same server a locally written app similar to Watcher which queries ES and does alerting.

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You can decouple Logstash and Beats from this and run the latest, 5.X will work with 2.X for those.

Elasticsearch and Kibana are version locked, so what you have is fine.

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Excellent. I had a feeling that might be true for Beats but didn't know the same was true for Logstash. I can look at the release notes but should my current beats and logstash config work with the latest versions?

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I'd be pretty certain they will, there was some minor changes to config settings in Logstash so you may want to download it locally and then just run the config files against it to make sure.

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Great, thanks.

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@warkolm - one more quick question. Can I JUST upgrade logstash to the latest 5.x version? I have filebeat and nagioscheckbeat sending events / logs to logstash which forwards them on to elasticsearch. In other words, does logstash 5.5 play nice with filebeat 1.3.1?

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