Alert when Log Source last event received is < 24 Hours

Hello All,

Im trying create an alert when when Log Source last event received is < 24 Hours OR a dashboard which displays log Source which is not sending logs since last 24 hours.

I was able to build a dashboard with latest event received timestamp but not able to compare the timestamp. like -- timestamp < 24 Hours

The idea is to identify the Log Stoppages - the hosts not sending logs to SIEM -

any ideas on achieving this is appreciated.


Hi @Shinej

There is a pretty cool way to do this using a latest transform with the

Take a look at this this particular example is it about users

But I actually did this same thing for last log from each host.

Basically the latest transform just keeps the latest log from each host.

Then you can just check / alert which host have not reported in in the last 24 hours.

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