Alert while the value is going beyond the limit

I want to send an alert while I inserting a document with a value more than I configured. Suppose if I configured the KPI as >75 and it crosses it I need a alert.

Sample doc
{ "user" : "Kimanchi", "KPI" : 60 }

Suppose if i inserted the below doc I need an email alert
{ "user" : "Kimanchi", "KPI" : 72 }

For this i saw `elastalert. Is there any pre-build functions are there in elastic-search for these type of requirements???

The Watcher Plugin can do this for you, but do note that it's a commercial plugin. Or you could setup some Percolators which your application monitors and alerts on

Elasticsearch itself does not have any to actually push out alerts via email, pager-duty, etc. You'll need to either use Watcher or code that yourself in your application.

Can you please show any example on how to use percolators in this scenario???

How reabile this elasalert??