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I would like to alert by mail when a specific term appeared on a index.

Example for windows event log

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I don't think it's possible right now ? Is there any plan to support that features ?


It is possible using the Log threshold alert type. But to send a Mail you need to Switch to a gold license First

You are right, i need first to change the index in Observability => Log => Settings

I put ecs-* on index settings, so i cannot specify and specific index for an alert log ?

I have a lot of index type behind ecs-, i'm affraid it can affect elasticsearch performance


Using index threshold you can configure the index directly in the alert.

I'm in 7.11.1 so Index threshold don't look what i need (send an alert for a specific event).

But it in 7.12 there is a new feature called "Elasticsearch query alert" What’s new in 7.12 | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic and it's look like this feature matches my needs

Thanks for your help!

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