【Please share info】Plugins and OSS for implementing alert functions in kibana (elasticsearch) version 7 series

Good evening from japan
Dear Elastic Engineers,
I am always grateful for your help

In Elasticsearch/Kibana version 7 series, I would like to create a mechanism to send an alert email when a specific log is received by Elasticsearch or Kibana.
I would like to achieve this goal in the least costly way possible.
I've tried looking up some methods and actually building

The first is about [Watcher].
Watchers are a paid Elastic feature, so you can't use them.

The second is [Elasalert2].
We actually introduced Elasalert and tried it out.
However, unfortunately it is not possible to send an alert mail due to the following error.
URL→About Elastalert errors

So, dear engineers, please share your wisdom.
Other than these methods (Elasalert and watcher), I would like to know any OSS or plugins that realize a mechanism to send an email when Elasticsearch detects a specific log.

Thank you very much

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