Alternative to Watcher in ES Kibana (7.2.0)

Please tell me whether Watcher feature ( is available in Kibana in ES Open Source (7.2.0). If not, whether there is an another plugin which is open-source and can be installed in ES Kibana (7.2.0) and perform similar to Watcher feature? Please let me know if you need more information.


hi there

Watcher- Alerting feature comes with Gold + license levels.
Unfortunately we cannot suggest any external plugin for your use.

If you have more questions please revert. Also please see if you can use our cloud subscription .


Hi, @kjain14

Here a list of similar tools but may not cover all the watcher features:

I never tried any of this one and not sure that it will work with your elastic version and may work with any future version:

I think the most advanced but last commit is from end of September, with ~100 pull requests <--- maybe lead dev are less active, but have lot of users

I couldn't found back but there's a fork with a kibana interface and may not sure that it work with your version.

This one is very young and have small or nearly no community, if you need support it may be hard...

There a comparison here with more details and comments:

Or if you have small needs you can check here:

Depends on your needs and skill you can choose any of the listed solution or as @rashmi said check the cloud solution.

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