Query Regarding Watcher on ES 6.7

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I'm currently using ES 6.7 stack (Basic License) & i wanted to understand if i'd need a paid subscription of X-Pack to be able to use Watcher for alerting purposes ? Is watcher included as a part of Basic / OpenSource version or is it for paid subscribers only ? If it's free, how do i go about enabling watcher support for ES 6.7 ? I'd really like to see Watcher or some sort of native alerting feature in Kibana. I feel this key feature is missing in Kibana when compared to Grafana.

You can see what the various license levels contain here - https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions/

A basic license doesn't cover Alerting unfortunately. But check out Elastic Cloud, it's pretty cheap and you get access to all of the non-free functionality.

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Thanks Warkolm for the reply. Its a difficult business case to make to move to Elastic Cloud for a basic feature like alerting, which comes out of the box in Grafana :-). Is there any future plan of Kibana supporting Alerting natively, instead of relying on Sentil or ElastAlert etc? Thanks for your time in replying.

It's a lot more than that;

  • Canvas
  • Security
  • Maps
  • Uptime and Infra apps
  • Machine Learning
  • Graph
  • Automated backups
  • APM

and heaps more.

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