Questions on basic license which will allow me to use watcher service

Hi Guys,

I got the basic version x-pack license today, when I checked my trial_status it shows that I'm not eligible to start a free trail. Can I get some help on the same ?

I wanted to play around with the watcher service on kibana. I should have access to all the services for first 30 days correct ?

I also need some help on how to configure xpack.watcher service to use it.

curl -X GET -u elastic:************* "localhost:9200/_xpack/license/trial_status"

The way it works is you get a Platinum level license as a trial and it lasts for 30 days. If you then obtain and apply a Basic license it'll over-ride that.

Thanks Mark.

Could you please help me in understanding the configuration changes that I need to do in the .yml files for enabling watcher ? Also, do I need to install xpack for both elastic search and kibana ? Or just the kibana works ?

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