Using basic license

hello, i have question about using basic license

i installed on elasticsearch 6.0.0, kibana 6.0.0 x-pack plugin.
Then i set next parameteres in configurations files:

xpack.graph.enabled: false false false
xpack.reporting.enabled: true

elasticsearch.yml false false
xpack.watcher.enabled: false
xpack.reporting.enabled: true

after this steps, for using basic license should i register it?
can i use it on different nodes, servers?

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If you just installed x-pack then you currently have a trial license which will expire in 30 days. To continue to use Monitoring and Reporting you would need to register and get a Basic license (free).

Then you would install that license in your cluster (to any node since it's a cluster-wide thing). Here's some instructions;


Ok, thanks

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