Using bundled Xpack (ElasticStack 6.3+) with basic license for monitoring


I was going through the release notes of 6.3 where you state that X-Pack features are now bundled with ElasticStack individual components (Kibana, Elasticsearch and Logstash etc.). Some of the features are "free" which are covered under basic license (geneated by default) while others depend on the subscription plan.

The license page tells me that full-stack monitoring is bundled with basic license. The license expiration says that once the trial license expires

The agent will stop collecting cluster and indices metrics

Does that mean that xpack.monitoring.collection.enabled setting can be set to true only with a trial license and NOT with a basic license?

The start of that section says:

These error messages tell you when the license expires and what features will be disabled if you fail to update the license.

With 6.3 you get a non-expiring basic license that includes the free features (and Full stack monitoring is one of them)

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