License Problem

Hi, I'm a little confused about the basic/trial license.
After 6.3.0 was released, I reinstalled all my Elastic Stack to 6.3.0.
I thought, since x-pack was open sourced, the features like security and monitoring will never expire. But i still got a trial license expired error and can't get into the monitoring page while I can still using security roles.
I already applied for a trail license extension.
What i'm confused is, what features can i use and never expire, and what features need a trial or higher license?


Not open sourced, open code. See We Opened X-Pack | Elastic

See Support Matrix | Elastic

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I saw the monitoring feature is free.


So, why can't i get into my monitoring page?
Should i get my licence down to basic?

Thank you.

What does the _xpack/license API respond with?

"license": {
"status": "expired",
"uid": "72acfc32-7454-42f8-885a-860240518953",
"type": "trial",
"issue_date": "2018-06-27T07:29:04.036Z",
"issue_date_in_millis": 1530084544036,
"expiry_date": "2018-07-27T07:29:04.036Z",
"expiry_date_in_millis": 1532676544036,
"max_nodes": 1000,
"issued_to": "hwclust",
"issuer": "elasticsearch",
"start_date_in_millis": -1

You need to apply a basic license then.

Sorry to bother you again.
If I revert it to basic license, does it mean that I will lose access to security and can't maintain my created users and roles?

Yes, it does.
If you wish to use Security after your trial has expired, then you will need to purchase a subscription.

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