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Hello All,

I am running Elasticsearch cluster with 3 nodes. All are working as master node as well as data node. Now i want to monitor my cluster. But i want to know the cost of X-pack license and how we use them means how much license i need to purchase for 3 node.

I have raised my query to elastic subscription also using below link,


But yet didn't get any response from them.

Please help me how we can reach them and get all the prior information before purchasing the license.

Thanks in advance.

The free Basic license includes monitoring for a single cluster (any number of nodes in that cluster). So I think that would work fine in your case.

If you're on a version prior to 6.3 you would have to install X-Pack in both Elasticsearch and Kibana and register for the free Basic license and install that license.

If you're on version 6.3 (6.3.2 is the latest release) of the default distribution then the X-Pack features are already included and the free Basic license is included by default. No registration required. You just have to click one button in Kibana to enable monitoring.

Let me know if you need more help.


Hello Lee,

Thank you for your response.

I am using my ELK in production environment. So i think free basic license is valid only for 30 days.
We want to use security, monitoring and alerting features of X-pack.
We are using elasticsearch6.2.4
Our server are hosted over digital ocean cloud.

Please let me know still can we use free license for X-pack or we need to purchase it.


The basic license and trial license are different things.
In 6.2 and earlier, the basic license is free but requires registration. It lasts for 12 months, and can be renewed as often as you need.
In 6.3 and later, the basic license is free, installed automatically and never expires.

In all versions, the trial license lasts 30 days, but you can discuss with our sales team if you need a longer trial.

The different features by license level are here: https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions a trial includes all platinum features.

If you send me a private message to let me know the email address you used when requesting a quote, I can follow up on it for you.

To clarify - People still need to pay for security? For example - the simple ability to create a username and password in Kibana and to prevent open access to Elastic.

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