Basic and Trail Licence

I am using Elastic search 6.7.1 on my local machine for testing.
Have configured xpack security by upgrading to Trail licence for 30 days.
What if I need xpack security on our production? Do I need to purchase a Licence for that even if I am using an open source version of Elasticsearch?
If I only use a basic licence for our production, everything would still work fine?
Users will access kibana from another machine and work on logs as usual.

Any help would be appreciated.


Please see for more details on what each license level covers.

If you're using a basic license, you will still be able to access the data and stack functionality without any issues :slight_smile:


Yes have gone through the subscription options. Was curious will other stuff work as normal.
Also, if I choose to work with basic licence, will other users have some rights as me in regards to creating/deleting index template etc?


The basic license does not include security so all users can do or access everything.


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