Do we require licence to enable feature

Hello Team,

I just wanted to know, If I wanted to use the alerting, monitoring and user administration RBAC feature in ELK stack. Do I require a license for the same?

I also wanted to know, if I would like to do integration of a tool with ELK stack in that case also do we require a license?

As today I tried to enable the in docker-compose of ELK i am getting error message "License is required"

Please do let me know on this.


Hi @mohammed.sabil

What version of the Elasticsearch are you using?

Basic security has been Free for quite some time.

You can see the features and license matrix here

@stephenb thank you for the information.

Sometimes means 14 days. Right?


When I make is true..

Still getting an error message that unable to retrieve the licence server information

Can you please suggest?


Where are you seeing that error?

That error can be seen when security is improperly configured for Kibana and / or Elasticsearch.

Proper security configuration is more than just that one setting.

I suggest you read and carefully follow the documentation here.

I have also constructed a complete walkthrough here with all the essential steps for a single note and Kibana

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