Where is watcher?


I would like to add alert to my ES cluster (v7.11).

I have the basic licence, so normally I have access to "Watcher" feature.

I've checked this link : Watcher | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic but unfortunately I can't find it in my Kibana interface ! How can I see it ? (I'm using the basic "elastic" account)

Here is the result of the GET /_watcher/stats?pretty curl :

  "_nodes" : {
    "total" : 4,
    "successful" : 4,
    "failed" : 0
  "cluster_name" : "es-cluster",
  "manually_stopped" : false,
  "stats" : [
      "node_id" : "sCJun4LCSvC2-j7D6ZNd3A",
      "watcher_state" : "started",
      "watch_count" : 0,
      "execution_thread_pool" : {
        "queue_size" : 0,
        "max_size" : 0

So watcher is enabled... I don't really understand.

Cans someone help me to find it please ?

Thanks in advance

Watcher is not part of the Basic distribution, you need a gold license, check it here

But you have access to Kibana Alerting Framework with 2 actions : index et logging in the Basic Distribution

Thanks ! I just misread it... Sorry

Sadly, I can't send email with Kibana Alerting without a Gold licence. I'll find a workaround.

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