Watcher optionnot visible in Kibana 6.3


(Geetansh Jain) #1

I have installed Elastic search and Kibana 6.3.0 and not able to view watcher option in Kibana.
Logs are flowing fine from Logstash to elastic and then Kibana.
But I am not able to put alerting on my data as watcher isn't there.

have reinstalled the complete stack multiple times still not able to figure out the probelm.

(rich collier) #2

It's because Watcher is not enabled via the license. In Kibana, go to Management....License Management:

Either enter your license key or start your free 30-day trial

(Geetansh Jain) #3

Thanks Rich for the info. I am able to start my free trial and features now.
Can you also help with the approx cost does the licence costs after 30 days of free trial and how to get it subscribed to?

(rich collier) #4

Glad I could help. If you'd like to inquire about pricing, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page:


(system) #5

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