Where is Kibana Watcher UI?

Hello Elastic forums,

Could you please tell me what am I doing wrong or am I just a bit opposite of smart?
I'm trying to set up Kibana alerts on logs events, I've discovered that a "Watcher" is a thing and it's (currently) a free X-Pack feature.

On multiple doumentation pages it says "you just go to the Watcher UI in Stack Management > Watcher, and there you go". But there is no "Watcher" tab in my Stack Management, and I absolutely cannot understand how to enable it. I did the recommendation from the docs to set up Elastic Security, created users, put xpack encryption key in kibana.yml etc

But still, there's just NO such submenu or tab called "Watcher" in Stack Management

Kibana version is 7.17.12.

Does this "Watcher" even exist in Stack Management? I'm starting to doubt that.

Hi @Constantine_White Welcome to the community.

I am not sure where you got that as Watcher is a commercial / paid feature

You can enable the Trial License then you will see the Watcher Screens.

The Kibana Alerting is Basic / Free but you are limited with the connectors, Alerts can be logged to an index or the Elasticsearch Log.

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Hello Stephen,

Thanks for the swift reply, I might've been confused then by what feature does what.

Does the Watcher allow the functionality I described, to create events based on the log aggregations? Let's say, I have custom application metrics written into log files, and the put into Elasticsearch, and then I want to have some alerts on aggregations e.g. ("log.level : ERROR" AND "time : >1000") and it sends email if the event happened or the amount of times the event happened?

Or at least, can I monitor conditions like this and log it into separate indices (as the free Kibana Alerting suggests), but I'm struggling to understand what type of Rule do I need?

Both Watcher (legacy powerful but usually requires coding) and Kibana Alerts (powerful UI Based) can do what you are asking


Watcher vs Alerting


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Thanks a lot for the explanations!

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