Alerting on a specific time range

Hi is there a way to alert only on a specific time range? lets say office hours....
It is possible? how can I do this?

Hi there,

Before we start here, first I want to make sure I understand your question correctly.

  1. You want your ml watcher only to query on specific time range , like office hours, which means you don't want to be notified about the anomalies out of that time range, like weekends.


  1. You only want to receive the alerting during office hours.


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Actually, it is not apparent that this question has anything to do with ML, just alerting. Can you confirm @ElasticLiver

The first option, the watcher to query only on specific time range

It would be some logic using range in the query or a dynamic script. See ideas here: How to filter date field by days and hours separately

You could also consider using runtime fields (Retrieve a runtime field | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic) to define day of the week or hour of day (or both) and then filter your query on that


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