Alerting to syslog


I'm trying to configure watcher generate an alert but I need it to be sent to a remote host via Syslog.

I was trying to ask this from the support but I got a response like this:

'This is what the HTTP/S callout is meant for. Typically monitoring systems support some sort of REST endpoint which can be leveraged. If this isn’t enough then you could use one of the supported scripting languages:'

Well, my monitoring system (Check_MK) does not have a REST API for generating alarms.
I was checking the scripting languages, I could write a simple Python script to do it, but it seems that it is already depreciated. If I have understood correctly, Painless is not the way to do this as it seems to be only for managing data inside the ES and does not talk to the outside world?

I found a post which stated that HTTP callout could be used and then configure Logstash for input-http and then output to syslog or command line and use logger. This would work, but in my opinion it is a bit hacky and I was wondering if there is a better solution?



indeed alerting does not have a special syslog output, where as logstash does. Instead of duplicating code, we try to use the right tool for the right job and thus it makes more sense to forward the data to logstash using the HTTP webhook action from an alerting perspective.


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