How to create an alerting using the ELK stack(email alerting only)

Please provide me with steps to add email alerting in ELK . Alerting with Logstash.

This question is too open to be answered in a meaningful way. I will say though that Logstash isn't very good for alerting. You might find Elastic's Watcher product useful, or maybe you should look into a real monitoring product like Nagios or Icinga.

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As output, you can use "email" output plugin. I presume you already guess that.

In filter part, you add tag "email" to events that are relevant for an email.

And in output part :
output {
if "email" in [tags] {
email {

That said, in filter part, all depends what you exactly want to do...

Another way to do what Elastic Watcher do, but in open source :

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Thanks trying to use elastalert

And to be complete, throttle logstash filter is really nice to detect problems to generate alerts.
For example : more than 30 errors in 1 minute.