Alerts and actions problems with log threshold and index threshold

I'm running on kibana 7.11.2 (checking also on 7.17.1)
I tried to have a notification when my logs (index) showing some errors in message field. So I added new rules in alert and actions for log threshold. But I couldn't find how to choose the specific Index (see first attachement), looks like this threshold is use for all indices in the cluster. Is there a chance to filter somehow the specific index?
I'm also tried index threshold, but here I couldn't find field message as you can see on a second printscreen. Is there a need to do some more tunings ? In both cases I added in -> Observability -> Logs -> settings the index pattern for this particular index.

Same things happened in Kibana 7.17.1 in Rules and Connectors. What do I do wrong ?

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