Alerts by groups (coming from Opbeat)


We have recently migrated from Opbeat to Elastic APM and we are facing problems to configure our alerts. We have some basic alerts now, but we want to get something closer we use to have with Opbeat and we don't find the key to get them.

Right now we have achieved to have an alert for each new Error event, but sometimes that is too noisy. We were wandering how we can have alerts for errors belonging to groups which haven't been reported for a while (which more or less, we guess it's what we were having with Opbeat). We have tried some complex configurations based on this example but it's impossible to us to make it work properly.

How can we get any hint or example about how to get similar alerts we were getting on Opbeat?


Thanks for reaching out. I agree this was a very useful feature on Opbeat, and it's something we're investigating for Elastic APM.
Best option is probably to set up a Watch report that runs at a fixed interval and alerts you of all error groups that has happened since last report. Something like this:


Thanks! We will try with that solution until something better come out :slight_smile:

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