Welcome Opbeat to the Elastic Family!

We are super excited to announce today that Elastic is joining forces with Opbeat, an application performance monitoring (APM) company.

Opbeat has built a highly curated application-level monitoring experience, focusing on the JavaScript ecosystem, i.e. Node.js on the backend and AngularJS / React on the front end. By helping developers monitor the end-to-end performance impact of changes to their application code, Opbeat enables them to find and fix issues faster. Integrating metrics from Opbeat agents with the flexible data store of Elasticsearch and the visualization power of Kibana, will bring APM to a whole new level. The future Elastic APM solution will let developers analyze their infrastructure logs and metrics, alongside application performance data in a single dashboard.

We’d like to welcome the entire Opbeat team and community to the Elastic family. We're thrilled that Opbeat founders, Rasmus Makwarth and Ron Cohen, and team are joining us to build a turnkey APM solution, that extends the open source Elastic Stack into new territories.

You can read more of this announcement on our blog - https://www.elastic.co/blog/welcome-opbeat-to-the-elastic-family