Mark errors as resolved

In Opbeat it is possible to mark an error as resolved. Our team heavily relies on that feature. How can we mark an error as resolved in APM?


Hi Andreas
thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment, but it is something we're investigating.


That's a critical feature that we rely on in daily in Opbeat. Is there any chance this will happen before may 25th when Opbeat is shutting down?

Hi Andreas,
unfortunately, it won't make it to Elastic APM before May 25.


Thanks for the clear response. It's sad that Opbeat is closing down before basic functionality is addressed in its successor. We will switch to another platform for now. Thanks for this time, we've enjoyed Opbeat a lot!

Hi Andreas,
sorry to hear it, but I understand your frustration. There is a lot of pros to Elastic APM compared to Opbeat, but also a few short-term cons, and this is definitely one of them.

Thanks for using Opbeat, and hope to see you on Elastic APM sometime in the future.


What would be the best way to upvote this? :ok_hand:

Hey :slight_smile:
Thanks for the +1. We're still investigating this feature.


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