Alerts generation when geo-points of two index intersects

Hello, I want to show alerts on the map.

This thing is possible if, I create index from kibana > maps > add layers > create index zone and then draw bounding box and these bounding box are stored in index zone ; and then the rule is defined for tracking containment where entity is main(this index stores live data) and boundary is zone and it's tracked data is stored in index Alert.
This Alert maps the alert in map.

Now, what I am trying to do is I am receiving live data in main and I am adding geo-point through api in index zone, what I want now is to show alert whenever data[geo-point] from main intersects the zone's geo-point under 2km radius.
Do you think it is possible?

You could try using circle injest processor to convert your zone geo points + radius into shapes. Then you could use the existing tracking containment alerting to generate alerts when main is contained by zones.

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