Tracking Containment Alerts

Hey Elastic Crew,

Right now I'm using a NiFi flow to push static GEOJSON data using now() timestamps to an Elasticsearch. The following file is an example:

I've set up an alert that "should" trigger when my GEOJSON points move outside the boundary of the state of California, which I imported as GEOJSON.


As you can see when I post the indices on the map, I am showing outside the bounds, but yet my alert is not firing.

Curious if there's anyone with experience that can help me out.


Luke M.

What does the top of the alert look like the Interval and Alert on..
Is it possible that the outside point are older than the alert looks back?

One other thought on this... the entities need to enter or exit or appear if they are just static I do not think it will fire... I tested this seemed to be the behavior!

It looks like I got it to work - somewhat. I'm still playing with it, but after setting it to check every 1 second and notify every hour, I was able to get some pings with the webhook to my Teams.

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Timestamp / Temporal is definitely a component of the alert....

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