Alias Names no show in Kibana

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A few months ago I and several others raised the concern about alias names not showing up in Kibana when creating an index pattern. I was hoping this problem would be resolved with the release of 6.3, but it has the same problem. Not being able to use alias names in the Kibana Index pattern is a big problem for us. Managing indices is more challenging and it definitely makes re-indexing more challenging. While we do have a work-around, it is cumbersome. Is this going to be a permanent problem, or is there a resolution in the near future? Thanks for your hard work in releasing 6.3. Really looking forward to 7.0 in the future.

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Thanks for your feedback on 6.3.0 . A lot went into this massive release. Talking about index pattern aliases in kibana - there is already a fix for this in Kibana. Please refer:

This git hub ticket gives you comprehensive notes about what the fix is all about and a history of previous regressions. Hope this helps.


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Thank you very much for your response. You are absolutely right. I am not sure why. But when we restarted the cluster(again) and everything works perfectly. Perhaps, it had something to do with upgrading. Thanks again for your response!

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