Align date histogram to 6:00 instead of 0:00

Hello all!

I'm trying to create a bar chart in Lens. It should aggregate some metrics using 8h buckets and use starting point at 6:00/14:00/22:00. I configured date histogram for horizontal axis, set minimum interval to 8h and selected a field, which contains a timestamp of bucket start. This timestamp has always one of the values 6:00/14:00/22:00.
But Kibana still creates buckets for 0:00/8:00/16:00.

Is there a way to make Kibana to use time offset for date buckets or just folow the values in the date field?


It looks like, I cannot use offset parameter in Lens, but it works fine in aggregation-based editor using advanced JSON field. If I convert panel to Lens the offset is getting lost and the chart is broken.
For the current use case I can work with aggregation based editor, but it would be interesting to know, if it's known and desired behaviour.


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