All REST calls under single transaction with distributed tracing

Kibana version: 7.5.1

Elasticsearch version: 7.5.1

APM Server version: 7.5.1

APM Agent language and version: Java 1.9.0

Hi, I've recently enabled distrubted tracing (after a lot of headaches because of using spring webflux) and I now have it working, but I have an issue where all of the calls to my REST service all appear as a single GET transaction in my service that is at the top of my distributed tracing. This is how it's setup

Gateway Service > Authentication Service > REST Service

So when I check the apm for the gateway, all REST calls are listed under get. What I would like to see is those transactions unnested so that I can see the individual calls. The same as I would when I check the apm for the REST service specifically.

I hope I'm making sense, and I wonder if there is a property that I can add to my gateway that's able to configure this for me.


Hi and thanks for the question.

There is a lot of information missing here - what it is you did to trace WebFlux? How do your traces actually look like? etc.

If your WebFlux solution is creating your transactions, not sure how we can assist. Either it fails to create more than a single transaction name or the transaction lifecycle management is not impaired (e.g. transactions not ended properly).
One suggestion is to set log_level to DEBUG and see if you can find hints.

Regardless, you are using a very old agent version, consider upgrading to a newer version.

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