Allow Kibana Reporting and CSV Export via "Roles" with "kibana_dashboard_only_user"

Currently, it appears, that only a user with the kibana_user role can access reporting and CSV export.

However, according to this:

it appears that I should be able to have a kibana_dashboard_only_user role with reporting_user also work?

That is what I need. I need a restricted dashboard user to be able to create reports.

Hi @lanelivingston,

Unfortunately, kibana_dashboard_only_user itself doesn't really work with reporting... The roles themselves actually work fine behind the scenes, it's just dashboard only mode always hides the menu items to create reports, and the user can't navigate to the reporting page in management.

BUT, the good news is, we'll be introducing Feature Controls in 7.2, which will make it really easy for you to do exactly what you are looking for: a user that only has dashboard & reporting access. So keep an eye out on our blog; we're hoping to release 7.2 in the near future :wink:



Thank you. It is always great to have a definitive answer.

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