How to allow read only user to report from Kibana

I need some of my dashboard read only users to be able to export data. X-Pack documentation says " To access Kibana and generate reports, you need the kibana_user and reporting_user roles". The problem is that users with kibana_dashboard_only_user role don't get the Share menu, therefore cannot export report.
So how do I have users who cannot change anything in the Dashboard except filtering of course but still able to export data they see?

Update: I have Kibana upgraded to 7.2 and now kibana_dashboard_only_user has Share menu, but there only Embed Code/Permalinks are available

What license level are you running? Reporting to PDF is not available with the Basic license.

You can try out a trial license by following the instructions at

I'm running on, I have mentioned X-Pack documentation only as I find anything about reporting there.
Other users, who are assigned with kibana_dashboard_only_user can report, so this is clearly not license related issue.

@Nathan_Reese have you had a chance to look into? I believe what I'm trying to achieve must be very common among others on - showing some user/client a desktop with whatever he supposed to see, giving him an option to export what he is seeing, while preventing him to modify desktop.

How are your users configured? What roles are applied and in what order?

Not sure about how users configured. I have created them via kibana Users panel
User who can only share Embed Code/Permalinks
production_transactions_reader - custom role with only "read" privilege to some index

If I create other user with same roles except kibana_dashboard_only_user it allows to share PDF/PNG as well

What order:
Order is as appear here

Dashboard only mode does not work with reporting. The role works fine, it's just dashboard only mode always hides the menu items to create reports, and the user can't navigate to the reporting page in management.

You can accomplish dashboard read only and allow access to reporting with feature controls (that have just been added in 7.2).

Still no success here. For user to be able to report it must at least have kibana_user and reporting_user. I have removed the kibana_dashboard_only_user and added it a space privilege with Dashboard Read. User still has full access to the dashboard, I would guess as it has kibana_user role.

It looks like it is not possible to have a dashboard read only user with reporting capabilities. I have created to track.

late response, thanks

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