Allowing range queries with now ranges inside percolator

(Elias) #1

If use now-7d/d in a percolator query in 5.4.0+ I get an error:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Percolator queries are not allowed to use the current timestamp
at org.elasticsearch.index.IndexService.lambda$null$0( ~[elasticsearch-5.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:5.4.0-SNAPSHOT]

I'm reading and it says that they are now supported. I even built a fresh elasticsearch from source through gradle assemble and tried it there but no go.

Any suggestions?

(Martijn Van Groningen) #2

@EEEELIAS Thank you for reporting this. I verified that range queries with now are still not working in the percolator. There is no workaround. I'll open a pr to fix this.

(Elias) #3

Thanks! @mvg I pulled your branch and it's working! I guess this won't make it until 5.4.1 release so I will build an AMI with this deb I patched for now.

(Martijn Van Groningen) #4

@EEEELIAS Thanks for confirming that the fix actually works!

(system) #5

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