Alternative to Curator to cleanup old indices

What are my options if I want to delete old indices programmatically?

There is delete index API but I have to generate the index names manually. I'm wondering if there any API which I can use to delete indices without doing messy calculations.

Why not Curator? What’s the blocker there?

Servers where I can execute this command is not connected to internet, so can't get the curator binary to the machine. On top of this, we are allowed to install any application on production servers except which are pre-approved. I need a solution which can be deployed as part of my java application. For my use case, a Curator Java library would work perfectly.

Well, if you can get it approved, Curator does have pre-built binaries which you could scp on to the boxes. Best of luck if you have to roll your own.

It would be easier for me to write a solution than to get the approval :slight_smile:

Btw, if curator is not my option, then I'm stuck with Elasticsearch delete API, is this correct?

Yes. That's all Curator does under the hood anyway. It's just an index selection wrapper on top of the APIs it calls.

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