An index has stayed on the same action longer than expected

I have upgraded my Elastic stack from 8.82 to 8.9 and facing this warning for one of my indices
Automatic index lifecycle and data retention management cannot make progress on one or more indices. The performance and stability of the indices and/or the cluster could be impacted.

How do I fix it , Kindly suggest

Hi @nitinkapoor. This is a new health check that we just added, and there is a decent chance that it might have discovered a problem that you have been having for some time. Can you post the full message? If you are only seeing that partial message through the Kibana UI, you can see the full thing using something like this in the kibana dev tools:
GET _health_report/ilm
You can see more options for this at Health API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.9] | Elastic. The response you get will give you some next steps for troubleshooting. It will probably ask you to use the _ilm/explain API for more information.

Thanks @Keith_Massey

I had dropped and recreated the index , the issue is resolved now but it was strange

If I change an existing ILM policy which is applied to couple of indices via respective index templates - if yes , how long it will take new policies to come into the action


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