Analysis of the (lime)survey results using ELK

(Vitaly) #1


I want to take the survey data from LimeSurvey and import it into ElasticSearch in order to be able to analyze/visualize it with Kibana later.

Could you point me to any examples / best practicies of working with such a data in ES context?

I do not have any problems to load the data into ES. But what will be the best data structure to use?

I have found this article from 2014: But unfortunately the link to the raw results is broken - return 100+ bytes which is gzipped text file with 404 error.

Thanks in advance for any hints!

(David Pilato) #2

Thank you for reporting!

I raised an internal issue about this and I'll update this thread as soon as I get an answer.

(David Pilato) #3

It has been fixed now.

(Vitaly) #4

Thanks a lot! The link works now!

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