Logstash User Survey


I know it's been a while ago, but I ran into the post about Logstash user survey Logstash User Survey Results | Elastic Blog recently and I found the blog really useful, since it also includes the link to the raw files, however, this link seems to be broken. I also found a post Analysis of the (lime)survey results using ELK, pointing to this issue, and it was fixed a while ago.

I would be grateful if someone can help!

That blog post is 7 years old now, so I am not sure if the data would still be available. Is there a reason you're after it?

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I understand. I am not really after the results of the survey, but more after the other files and scripts, which were used to prepare the data for the analysis, because I would also like to perform something similar and I hoped to get insight into their workflow.

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