Analysis - When does it happens?

Can someone explain to me when the analysis process takes place? I know that when we index a document it first goes to the translog and to an in-memory buffer (until here the document is not searchable, but we can retrieve it by its id). After that, the refresh process takes place and the in-memory segments are created (now the data is searchable, the in-memory buffer is cleared). Finally, the in-memory segments are merged and flushed to the disk (the translog is cleared).

So in which phase the analysis process is called? Is it before the refresh but after the translog and the in-memory buffer are created?

before a segment (the data structure that is searchable) is created, the analysis happens, as the outcome of that process decides, how the inverted index data structure looks like. So analysis happens before writing to the in-memory buffer.

So the refresh process takes the contents from the in-memory buffer (which already had gone through the analysis) and copy them to new in-memory segments?

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