In-memory buffer?

Hello .

I am trying to understand the definitive guide precisely.

Exactly , which setting is this in-memory indexing buffer referring to ?

In case of bulk request, my understanding is some buffer lies in between the bulk queue but I am not sure about it...

I would appreicate if someone can answer to my question.

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Yu Watanabe

When new documents are indexed into Lucene, for efficiency they are written to an in-memory buffer instead of being immediately written to disk. This in-memory buffer will be flushed in a few circumstances and creates a new segment on disk:

  • after a refresh
  • after a flush
  • if the in-memory buffer fills up
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Thank you for clarifying. Is there any stats in Node Stats API that I can check the usage of this buffer?

No, this is not exposed.

Okay. Thank you.

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