Analytics APIs on ES App Search

Hi i am using ES app search in ES cloud

I have some set of question -
1 - Count API -
i know there is count API which give total query and click ( day wise or hour wise grouping )

Expectation -
1 this API don't have option to give count of no result
2 do we have any option where we can simply get count of ( total query , click , no result ) instead of having grouping day wise or hour wise .

2 - Query API

Query API i can pass multiple filter for example

"results": false

it will give me result , but its need page size always .

Expectation -
1 how to get total count of no result
2 how to get total count group by day or month or any other time period .

3 Do we have any index where all this analytics data store ?
if yes can i access that ? if i able to access then i can get all my desired result .

please help me on this .


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