Does App Search analytics data store in ES index?

can we access the index which store all ES app Analytics data ?
i am trying to get aggregated count of no result query ( daily , weekly or monthly ) ,
as count api only give ( click and query count)
please let me know if there is any way to get the index where all this data store ?
or there any way to get no result count ( daily , weekly or monthly )
i saw queries API which has filter to

"filters": { "results": false }

but this is not suitable if i only want to get weekly or monthly count .
Thanks in advance

I would suggest to check this index
You can find all queries, and number of pages & documents, clicks and eveything related to search result and user behavior
NB : This is what i tried for Workplace search
But i guess your will have same for App Search, I see an index like this :

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