Data Stored for Enterprise Search


I would like to ask and understand, where is exactly the data in the search engine of Enterprise Search for App Search have been stored?

I found this discussion said it stored in Elasticsearch.

If it's been stored in Elasticsearch, we have a lifecycle.

Will this impact the data?

Let say if the lifecycle says to delete after 30 days, will we lose it?

Thank you.

Hi Siti, we store App Search data in specialized Elasticsearch indices. Those are hidden by default and start with .ent-search. We do not recommend you touch the data in those indices, because you're likely to break key functionality in Enterprise Search and recovery can be very complicated.

If your index lifecycle policies are applied to those indices, yes, you are likely to lose data if they're deleted after 30 days. But unless you've set up ILM to specifically apply to all indices it's unlikely to apply to those indices.

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