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Hi everyone,
I'm kindda new to app search, so would anyone be able to tell me where is data that is indexed and collected by spp searxh stored??

Is it stored on elasticsearch's cluster and nodes? Or does it have it's own cluster or maybe database??

Please help this is very urgent and your answer would help alot thanks

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Hi @Ines_ZAYANI, all the data that App Search is collecting is stored in Elasticsearch. There's a high-level architecture overview in the App Search Guide - you might find the video on that page useful to understand the concepts.

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Hi @maryna.cherniavska thanks for the fast answer,

How would i be able to extract those data and transfer them into the cms prestashop, beacause that's what i'm working on. I'm trying to integrate my search engine into prestashop but i'm blocked.

I tried using a module called elasticsearchconnector that's supposed to integrate my search engine into preatashop but it doesn't seem to work, do u have any ideas. This is the last step in finishing my project but i'm really stuck.

If you need me to provide more information i'd be happy too.
Will wait for your answer

Can you tell a little more about what you're trying to do? I am afraid I'm not familiar with PrestaShop, but it looks to me like you're trying to ingest the data into Elasticsearch, only to get it into some other place after, which might not be quite what App Search is intended for.

That said, App Search does provide the REST API for getting the documents out, or you could use the Elasticsearch Search API that is a Tech Preview feature. Maybe one of those would be an option?

If this is the module that you mention, then you probably would have to consult with whoever built that plugin - unfortunately, it isn't being developed by Elastic.

I'm trying to build a search engine and with the data in app search i need to export them into a website via prestashop.

I tried to use postman to use the api but i cant post the data into prestashop.

Can't i do that with app search, only elastic??

Can you explain the architecture more?


Could you please describe your use case and the motivation for using App Search?
In 8.2, we have added a new feature in App Search where it is possible to add an existing Elasticsearch index to an engine:
For 8.2, this App Search feature is in technical preview.

If you already have the data in an Elasticsearch index, you can make it available in App Search too. Maybe you consult the documentation of the plugin and see if the plugin is capable of indexing the data in Elasticsearch.

Hi there,

I want to index data into app search via its crawler and i've already done that and app search works fine.

And i have prestashop on the otherside with a ready website to receive the data, i need to integrate the search engine into it.

But i couldn't establish the connection.

Do u have any idea i'm stuck.

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