Analytics click, link of documents in meta engines not working

Hello Elastic Community,

I´m trying to implement the click api for meta engines on ELK 8.7.0. The url from the clicked documentIds, to see the actual document, doesn´t work for meta engines in the analytics section. The id of the document is linked to the following url

I guess it should be the url of the source engine, not the meta engine, is this a bug?
When clicking on the document id in the analytics tab, following error will be showed.

the source engine testengine contains the document:

   "id": "park_rocky-mountain"

and is part of the meta engine testmetaengine

to create the click event, following api call is used:
POST ../api/as/v1/engines/testmetaengine/click

    "query" : "test",
    "document_id": "testengine|park_rocky-mountain"

Am I doing anything wrong, or is this probably just a bug / not supported yet?

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