Analytics-Discover not displaying data

Analytics - Discover is no longer displaying data that is ingested. I could see the data in Observability under stream but can't seem to figure out what would cause the data to not appear in the Analytics - Discover.

Does anyone know what would cause this?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Can you see if your timepicker is set to the time where you have data?

Plus what is your version of the elastic stack?


I appreciate you responding, but I deleted my old stack and working on a new one. I had 8.4. installed.

I don't remember if I could see the fields that were previously showing in Discover. I do remember being able to go back on time picker for the dashboards and they would populate with all the data.

What I find strange is that I could see all the incoming data in Observalability Logs streaming. I am new to Elastic and have such a huge learning curve.

My best guess at this point is you hadn't yet created a data view to look at your data in discover. If you can reproduce this issue do reach back out to us with steps so we can make sure there isn't a bug!

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