Analyzer doesn't work using nest

Hello! I am using elastic with nest for c#.I create analyzers on index time but on search time they don't work.

Here is my class

      public class Car{
      Text(Analyzer = "greek",SearchAnalyzer ="custom",Index = true,IncludeInAll = true)]
      public string SERVICE_DESC { get; set; }

And here is my search query

   var response = client.Search<Nosilia>(n => n
                        .Query(q => q
                                     .Match(qs => qs

As I mentioned I have already created the two analyzers ("greek","custom")

fields names must be lowercased because elastic tends to lowercase at least their first character, for example SERVICE_DESC gets indexed as sERVICE_DESC. So the most practical solution is to declare it as service_desc.

You can also control how NEST serializes POCO property names to Elasticsearch field names with .DefaultFieldNameInferrer(Func<string, string>) on ConnectionSettings. In this particular case

var settings = new ConnectionSettings(new Uri("http://localhost:9200"))
    .DefaultFieldNameInferrer(s => s);

var client = new ElasticClient(settings);

will use the POCO property names as-is

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