Analyzer to keep integers/numeric inputs

How can I create an analyzer to keep integers?

I am using simple analyzer to get tokens, but hello1 becomes [hello] but I wanna keep 1 as well like [hello1] when getting tokenized.

Any way of doing this?

Does the standard analyzer helps for this?

It works with standard analyzer normally, when using English. But when I use Japanese, standard does not work for me since it converts every Japanese letter to a token. Therefore I chose simple to go with, but now I encountered with this alphanum token issue.

Did you try the letter Tokenizer?

Not sure it works though for this use case.

May be @johtani has better ideas?

letter tokenizer does not also help with hello123 -> hello123 conversion. It makes it hello123 -> hello.

I tried to use pattern analyzer here with flags UNICODE_CASE|UNICODE_CHARACTER_CLASS and pattern \\W|\\w+ but it does this: Test Contact123 -> [test contact123] where I wanna have [test, contract123]

I was never good at regex, can't find the way to implement this.

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