Analyzing navigation paths

i'm saving the url visited of my site as single documents with a visitID and the timestamp of the impression.
I'd like to "count" the navigation paths inside a visit of my visitors.

home.html -> catalog.html -> product.html - 300
home.html -> catalog.html -> 450
home.html -> login.html -> 500

How to suggest to proceed?


If your document looks something like this:
"url": "home/catalog/product.html",
"visitID": 5454
"timestamp": date

You can just do a count aggregation once split by Terms on visitID and then split again by Terms on url.keyword (so not the analyzed URL field, the keyword one where it uses the whole string as a token).

Is this what you were looking for?

Thank you marius... i'd like to find the "best" navigation paths on my website (it is important also the order of the calls retrived by timestamp

home.html -> gallery.html -> basket.html is different from home.html -> basket.html -> gallery.html

home.html -> gallery.html -> basket.html = 500 visits
home.html -> basket.html -> gallery.html = 250 visits
home.html -> basket.html -> contacts.html = 50 visits

The docs are stored as you have described

My idea is to aggregate by visitID and ordering by timestamp
AND THEN "count" by the result of the aggregations, Is there a way to do it?

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